Feng Mengbo

Feng Mengbo  lives and works in Beijing. He is a professor of Digital Media at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Being one of the earliest Chinese artists exploring digital-born art, he has produced a variety of works around new media and video game since 1993. His practices incorporate multiple media, including painting, video, […]


Agorama is a London based collective of four artists and curators. They seek to engage in the distributed exhibition model and engage with the multi-sitedness of this developing artistic practice. Alongside their artistic and curatorial practice, they also provide education and workshops on digital literacy and technology. In this project, through an online/offline presence, Agorama […]

Tamara Kametani

Tamara Kametani is a Slovak born London based artist. Kametani’s practice is largely informed by local and global current affairs and spans photography, video, and installation. Kametani is particularly interested in the role technology plays in the construction of historical narratives, with the relationship between aesthetics and politics being at the core of the inquiry […]

Agil Abdullayev

Agil Abdullayev is based in Baku, Azerbaijan. Abdullayev primarily works in the medium of moving image, performance and photography. His practice examines the contrast between the East and West related to subjects such as public and private life, gender, and social media culture. In this project, he proposes to introduce the character ‘Lady Adele Rashida […]

Max Grau

Max Graulives and works in Berlin. His work incorporates a variety of media such as video, text, email, performance, photography, sound and printed matter. Grau’s work examines the politics of friendship, contemporary modes of communication and the emotional texture of everyday life. In this project, he will conduct a lecture performance to embody a narrative […]