No Country for Old Tweets: An archivist’s-in-training impressions of life in the times of social networks

By Zefi Kavvadia I am (training to be) a (digital) archivist. Coming from a more “traditional” humanities background (literature and language studies), the importance of documenting and preserving was relatively given, even if seldom talked about. My literature and cultural studies seminars all revolved around and made use of heritage and memory material meticulously preserved […]

New Practices: the Anti-Archive and the Erasable Web

By Katrina Sluis A chapter from the text, ‘ACCUMULATE, AGGREGATE, DESTROY – Database Fever and the Archival Web’   Against this backdrop, apps such as Snapchat are at the vanguard of what is being called ‘the erasable web’—a new attitude emerging from Silicon Valley that self-consciously rejects the public aggregation of personal media in favour […]


Katharina Niemeyer Have you ever felt nostalgic for the future or ever published anything like #nostalgia, #nostalgic under a picture that has just been taken and directly posted on the Web? If your answer is NO you might still be interested in knowing what nostalgia and ‘new’ communication technologies have in common(?). It sometimes happens […]

What can I do with those few seconds I get?

Interview by Esther Moerdler with artist Tamara Kametani Q: What was the first piece of art that really mattered to you? Has it influenced your work today? If so, how? I can’t quite remember what the first memorable work was, I didn’t have the most straightforward path into art. I remember reading Susan Sontag’s Regarding […]

Snapchats of the Past

Katharina Niemeyer “What does this mean, you type something on this device and someone else will receive it on the screen miles away? Without the postal or telegram service?” My grandmother, 2001 For her it was science fiction and if she was still alive today she might have forgotten about this first reaction and would […]